Using Slack User groups

You can enable Slack User groups for your Roster to notify the assignee for the roster with a custom handle. Before associating user group, you need to follow the below steps to setup the group first.

If you have installed RosterBird before Jul-2022,  you need to reinstall the app to use UserGroups. You can do it via Slack Install

1. Follow Slack's instruction and create user group of your choice. The instructions found here - Create a User Group

2. Next up, you need to update the permissions for who can manage the User group. Follow the steps depending on you plan from the slack support doc and select "Everyone, except guests" for both the permissions. 

Please note, if you did not select the permission to Everyone, RosterBird would not have access to assign members to the group.

We're now done with the prerequisite for enabling User groups.

Linking Roster to User Group

Linking your Roster to a User group is straightforward. You can either select it at the time of roster creation or you can update it later as well.

From the new roster form or from the Edit roster page, select the User group under "Additional Notification settings"

Once selected, save your changes and it's good.

Your user groups will be automatically updated every day with the assignee for the day. In the above example, you can ping the assignee by just using @eng directly from your Slack channels!

You can also verify the assignee information by selecting the user group handle from your message. More information on accessing the user group - Browse people and user groups

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