When does Roster schedule refreshes?

This article explains the scenarios that trigger an automatic update of your roster schedule in RosterBird. Understanding these triggers helps you anticipate when changes will occur in your schedule.

Automatic schedule refresh triggers:

1. Removing a Member from a Roster: Your schedule will automatically update when a member is taken off a roster. This change adjusts the distribution of assignments among the remaining team members.

2. Member removal from team or organization: If a member leaves your team or the organization, all schedules for rosters they were part of will regenerate.

3. Changes in off days: If there's an addition or removal of a roster from off days, the schedule will refresh to reflect this.

4. Creating an absence for a squad member: Setting up an absence for a member triggers a schedule regeneration for that roster. This keeps the schedule aligned with current team availability.

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Please note that this guide does not include triggers where users can manually request generation. You can request for manual schedule generate in Roster page or at Roster Group level.

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