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The Swap feature allows you to easily swap the active assignee from within Slack. It is useful for when there is a last minute availability change.

Enabling Swap on a Roster

To use the swap option, you need to enable it on the Roster explicitly. You can enable it under "Assignment preference" and enable "Allow Swap of Shifts".

Once enabled, all the roster's schedule notification messages on Slack will include an option to initiate the assignee swap.

Performing a Swap

  1. When a schedule notification message is received on Slack, look for the "Swap Assignee" option adjacent to the message.
swap assignee in slack
  1. Clicking the "Swap Assignee" option opens a modal with a list of future schedules for the Roster that you can potentially swap assignments with.

  1. Choose the schedule (with the assignees) from the list with which you wish to swap assignments.
  2. After selecting the desired schedule, save the changes. The assignees between the two schedules will be swapped, and any associated notifications will be resent accordingly.

Important Considerations

  • Past Schedules: You cannot swap assignees for schedules that have already occurred. The Swap Assignee feature is designed to operate only on ongoing and future schedules.
  • Full Schedule Swap: When initiating a swap, be aware that the entire schedule will be swapped with the corresponding schedule from the future. Applicable for all intervals.
  • Overrides: Any manual overrides made to the schedule will be overwritten during the swap. For example, say for a weekly roster, if you have set a different assignee for a particular day in a schedule and if you've chosen that schedule to swap the assignee with, the entire week will be updated with the swapped assignee.


The Swap Assignee feature in RosterBird enhances your scheduling efficiency by providing a convenient method to swap assignees directly through Slack notifications. If you have any further questions or encounter issues, please contact our support team for assistance.

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